Szarr’s musical exploration. Unveiling ‘MVM’ and its emotional depths

"I love fusing those sounds into my own music. So, different cultures really inspire me musically"
10 April 2024

With his 2024 catalogue opening up after a successful end to 2023, Szarr introduces MVM – a laid-back, enigmatic pop anthem delving into the complexities of his mind post a rough mental patch.

Written during a solo-travel stint around the Middle East, MVM became Szarr’s therapy, a medium to process lingering emotions following a turbulent relationship. Employing a close friend’s vocals for the first verse, the track evolved into a duet, capturing the essence of its lyrical theme.

From a dark place emerged a melodic anthem of emancipation, motivating listeners to break free from toxic ties. Szarr, a dynamic musician from Lucerne, Switzerland, blends genres like dance, pop, indie, and electro with influences from global cultures.

With significant milestones and millions of streams, Szarr’s upcoming release, MWM marks a continuation of his growth and exploration as an artist.

The core of my music is always Pop and Electro. I’m a huge fan of Pop music and Electro music in all its forms

Can you share the inspiration behind your latest single, MWM, and how it reflects your personal story?

I often get inspired by life and relationships themselves. As for this song, I had a conflicting relationship with a person I am very close to, and I realized that our connection was not based on mutual love. The whole situation started to become a real mess, and the best thing for me was to leave. So, in producing the song, I reflected on that situation and wrote down those emotions of knowing that I had to go to find my peace again, even though I still cared for that person in some way.

How did your solo-travelling experience in the Middle East influence the creation of MWM, both lyrically and musically?

Musically, it’s the sounds you hear on the streets, radio, and markets. I would walk through the streets often and would hear great instruments, different flutes, and percussions, which I simply fell in love with. I love fusing those sounds into my own music. So, different cultures really inspire me musically. Through spending a lot of time on my own during that trip, I healed a lot, and I found happiness and peace in solitude rather than being in a place that lacked love. This helped me come up with the lines, “I’m learning you’re messing with me, “and, “now it’s time to run.”

You mentioned that MWM, acted as therapy for you. How did the process of writing and producing this song help you navigate through your emotions?

It’s like journaling in my own way, haha. The moment I put those feelings into the sounds or onto paper, in the form of words, it works its magic. It’s like I’m releasing something from my body, and it feels like a weight lifted off my shoulders. So, I hope that everybody who listens to the song will feel better by the end of it. That’s why I write music, it’s so powerful.

Could you delve into the significance of collaborating with a close friend for the vocals on the first verse of MWM and how it influenced the song’s narrative?

I shared my ideas for the song and the lyrics with a friend, and we both tried to come up with some melodies. So when he sent me back his version of the first verse, I thought it would be cool to incorporate his perspective on the topic into the song. Many of us have been through messy situations with someone in our lives, and I thought having two different perspectives in the song would work well.

What inspired the visual concept of depicting a blindfolded person in the music video for MWM, aligning with the track’s lyrical theme?

Most often, you know that the place you’re in is not good for you. Your body or mind can tell you, but somehow you still hold on to it, or you’re afraid to let go of it. I saw this feeling as the sense of being blindfolded by false information. So, I wanted this represented in the video. I think it captures those moments of being blind to reality, even when you’re physically experiencing everything.

How do you envision listeners connecting with the message of breaking free from toxic relationships as conveyed in the transformation of MWM from a dark place to a melodic anthem of emancipation?

I think deep down, we know when we’re not being treated with love. We know when we have to leave a space because it’s affecting us emotionally. Sometimes, we just need a little push to realize it. I hope this track is that push you need. We all deserve to be loved in a healthy way.

Balancing various genres like dance, pop, indie, and electro, how do you maintain a cohesive sound across your music while exploring diverse musical influences?

The core of my music is always Pop and Electro. I’m a huge fan of Pop music and Electro music in all its forms. Throughout my songs, you can hear that. I love to blend different genres together and create something new and authentic to me.

Could you elaborate on how your multicultural background and extensive travels have shaped your musical style and approach to creativity?

Growing up multicultural and then travelling to many places has shaped me as a person and my music a lot. It opened my mind to so many things and expanded my knowledge about music. I would listen to so many different songs, genres, and lyrics in various languages, finding endless inspiration in that. So, every time I embark on a new journey, I come back filled with new sound ideas, lyrics, and ways of creating. This really lets my creativity flourish.

With significant milestones and millions of streams on platforms like Spotify, how do you handle the pressure of maintaining success while continuing to evolve as an artist?

I try to stay true to what feels right to me and how I can bring the best music to the people who love my sounds. Reading messages from people around the world about how my song makes them feel or how it has helped them, or even how they dance to it, is what keeps me handling any pressure and keeps me inspired to do what I love the most: making music for people who love music.

What can fans expect from your upcoming release, MWM, and how does it further showcase your growth and exploration as an artist?

MWM is the first song of my upcoming EP, coming this summer. It’s a song I completely produced by myself and wrote the lyrics for, and it’s just the start of what’s to come. I think this song represents me as an artist very well and showcases what I mean when I blend Pop with cultures and different genres. More of my songs are coming very soon.