SYTË Share Dreamy Cut TAIL LIGHT

Four-piece indie-pop band SYTË drop their dreamy cut Tail Light, the second single from their debut album Divine Computer

SYTË, meaning “eyes” in Albanian, was officially formed in 2018 by Nita Kaja and Drin Tashi. Tail Light is a rush through the city at night, glistening electronics twinkling like the ghostly glow of car headlights on the motorway. Nita’s honeyed lyrical inflections float effortlessly over the web of warped synth patterns and soft melodies, creating a soft haven for the listener to reside in. 

“It’s dedicated to the youthful nights filled with fluttering anticipation and excitement when you’re headed to a house party and riding shotgun in your crush’s car” the group offers. “The night is illuminated by twinkling stars and red car taillights, and you feel like the protagonist of a tragically cool, indie coming-of-age film. These are the highlights of being a young person living in a quiet suburbia.”

SYTË’s debut LP Divine Computer is out now.