SYNAPSON’s LENGUENO Ft. PONGO Is Dripping With Blissed-Out Flavours


DJ duo Synapson are back with the next track from their series of collaborations with top artists from around the globe. Lengueno is a blissed-out afro-house slice, dripping with Angolan artist Pongo’s infectious raps and fragile vocal style.

The track begins with one of Synapson’s recognisable motifs, coated in organic flavours, an irresistible refrain follows, and the track explodes with dance-floor ready beats and bass, Pongo skipping over the beats with fiery attitude.

One of the most exciting collabs we’ve heard in a long while, the track continues to bring emotive fire and sizzling twists and turns. Synapson successfully combine authentic rustic sounds their own brand of groove which results in an infectious and intriguing banger.