Swoon Quickfire Questions

With a strong and devout love for artists like Grimes and David Bowie, you can expect Swoon to be far from the ordinary. In fact, the band’s unique blend of socio-political electro-punk has already seen them invited on tour alongside the likes of Rostam, Her’s and Pussy Riot, who have all had nothing but praise for the Brighton-based four-piece.

And with their latest single ‘Bubble’ now doing the round, a love-letter to their seaside hometown, we got them to answer a quickfire set of questions in the hope of finding out more about these fun and energetic folks.

Is Brighton really a bubble, tell us more?

Brighton is definitely a Bubble inasmuch as everyone is welcome and accepted, regardless of where they come from, their social class or sexual persuasion. However, when you spend all your time here, it’s very easy to forget that certain parts of the country are steeped in a close-minded, far-right ideology.

In this increasingly right-wing Britain, it feels these little vacuums of liberality are fast disappearing, so we wanted to celebrate the ones which still remain and hope the country (and others like us) get back on track soon.

What do you guys like to do on your days off?

Well, Alice is an aspiring tattoo artist, Adam is constantly writing new music and James has a young family. We collectively have a tonne of passions outside of music though.

Tell us about touring with Pussy Riot – what was that like?

It was insanely fun; touring around the UK playing shows to 500 people a night with a truly inspiring act; all when we’d only been a band for five minutes.

Hanging out with the guys and learning how seriously they took their art was influential on us. It made us want to write more politically, in addition to the other subjects we’re already passionate about.

Who are you currently listening to?

We’re on a huge pop trip at the moment. In the car on the way to gigs there’s a lot of Charli XCX, Rosalia, SOPHIE, Hannah Diamond and a bunch of other PC Music artists. It’s definitely inspiring our current output.

Most embarrassing thing you’ve done onstage?

Nothing too embarrassing, but trying to be rock’n’roll by smoking a ciggie on stage was pretty cringe-worthy, looking back on it. I’m blaming that on being young and naïve, and wanting to be one of The Strokes.

Swoon’s latest single ‘Bubble’ is available to stream and download now. Have a listen to it below.