SWIMMERS Release Infectious Electro-Pop Anthem BLOW

By Monibell

It’s always great to see a fresh act bursting with energy and flow with the world at its feet. This is certainly the case with London duo Swimmers who have taken the musical bull by the horns of late with the lead single from their EP Blow. With a somewhat haunting and electrifying synth opening, the pair clearly have a knack for writing songs that stick. The female vocals of Rosie O’Connell are completely flawless and really bring that pop element to life, which is well in contrast to the electronic music that is created by producer Luis Correia. However, it’s a combination that works beautifully.

The song itself takes so many twists and turns, which is a credit to Luis’ skillset as a producer, and the energy of O’Connell’s vocals really take Blow into a genre bending experience that you will want to hear again and again. And having only arrived on the scene in 2020, we look forward to seeing what these two conjure up next.