SWiiMS glow with the new track ‘All I Die For’

"The song is both intense and beautiful, like the first stages of falling in love."
7 October 2023

In the vast landscape of indie music, SWiiMS stands out as a shining example of sonic innovation. Comprising the talents of Mai Diaz Langou on vocals and guitar, Colin Thompson wielding his guitar prowess, and Cian O’Ruanaidh on bass, this Toronto-based trio crafts music that transcends boundaries, drawing inspiration from 80s new wave, 90s indie rock, brit Pop, shoegaze, and dream pop.

The spotlight falls on their new single, All I Die For. Delving into the complexities of new relationships, the track explores the intricacies of self-presentation and the intoxicating blend of hope and loss of control that accompanies new beginnings.

The band explain: “All I Die For is the first single of our first full length LP Into The Blue Night” . The song combines elements of Dream Pop, Indie Rock, Shoegaze and New Wave creating a swirling platform for the languid & moody vocal melody. The song is both intense and beautiful, like the first stages of falling in love.​”

Accompanying the single is a visually captivating music video, a spontaneous creation born from the synergy of band members. Shot against the backdrop of Toronto’s nightscapes, the video captures the essence of the band’s nocturnal inspiration.

SWiiMS embarked on their musical ​j​ourney just before the disruptive waves of COVID. A serendipitous meeting between Mai and Colin via a local Craigslist musician’s wanted section sparked a creative fusion that birthed their debut EP, Through Waves. The addition of Cian in the fall infused a fresh perspective into the band, leading to critical acclaim and chart success on the NACC charts.

Undeterred by lockdowns, the band ventured into the creation of their upcoming LP, Into the Blue Night, during the tumultuous times of 2020 and 2021. The album weaves a tapestry of emotions, exploring themes of love, relationship struggles, and the profound impact of the pandemic on the human experience.

Their distinctive sound and alchemy are amplified by the album, which is a natural progression from their first EP.​ Produced by Toronto-based maestro Josh Korody and masterfully fine-tuned by Noah Mintz at Lacquer Channel, Into the Blue Night promises to be a sonic revelation.

With fans spanning the globe and crossing age brackets, SWiiMS‘ ​global ​harmonies resonate with a diverse audience. Their eclectic blend of influences speaks to a wide range of musical palates, forming a community united by a shared love for their distinctive sound.

Drawing inspiration from the likes of Diiv, Slowdive, Beach House, and Alvvays, SWiiMS welcomes the diverse range of associations their music evokes.​ ​In the luminous embrace of the night, SWiiMS beckons us to join them as they emerge from the shadows with With All I Die For. Embark on a journey through sonic waves, where music transforms into an immersive experience.