sweat-plw-vipSouth London exciting quintet SWEAT – Dante (singer), Gamaliel (keys), David (bass), Joe (guitar) and Matt (drums) – deliver pure sonic ecstasy, with stylishly visionary and forward thinking visuals – by Beatrix Blaise – for their 6 minute-long, Club Pink Love World-inspired, darkly sultry, psychedelic pop bliss, called PLW VIP.

Lead singer Dante explains: “Pink Love World is a club that has closed. It’s the warm fuzzy feeling of bodies pressed up against each other. It is the kiss on the dance floor just before the ceiling spins the kissers apart and they lose each other forever. It is profound, and can reach a spiritual plane – it is everlasting – but it can change. And it feels sad, to leave, but even the best things go bad, eventually.”

Beatrix Blaise adds…“Above all, I wanted the PLW video to be sexy. Other worldly characters of divisive intention in cliques, all with dead yet somehow aphrodisiacal eyes, swapping partners for pleasure. I guess the edit itself was designed like a sexual act – fast, slow(mo), up, down, entwined, choppy, teasing, good timing, unpredictable, maybe need to see that bit again…Etc…”