Suzuki Method1Discover Salford’s electro-pop band Suzuki Method: Brothers and founders Adam and Glen Leishman, Michael Mathews, David Boyd and Ben Hounslow. Their strong debut track ‘Country Cousins’, written during the Salford Riots of 2011, is an exciting cerebral dance floor gem.

The band’s frontman Adam Leishman says “The accompanying video to ‘Country Cousin’s was filmed on VHS in our Salford based bed-sit come rehearsal space. It’s us at our rawest, ripping through the grim decor of our surroundings to reveal a vibrant layer beneath.”Suzuki Method2He adds “I saw an old school mate of mine on his way to help burn down the city. I went down there and watched from afar, young, old, all different races, they were all there.

Then I went home and watched the news and saw only one thing, young people and “mindless criminality”..that wasn’t what I saw happening there.”

Recently signed to A1(M) Records, Country Cousins is the first offering of new
debut EP ‘NATIVE’, produced by David Tolan (Delphic, New Order, Primal scream)
and Jim Spencer (The Doves, The Vaccines, 808 State).