SUPERSTAR songwriter Guy Chambers, famed for bringing Robbie Williams to the big time after his departure from Take That, has turned girl next door Katie Melua into a sexy siren for her new album.

Katie, originally from Georgia, grew up in Belfast and shot to fame after being discovered by music producer Mike Batt.
Now after three highly acclaimed albums Call Off The Search, Piece By Piece and Pictures Katie is back with a sexier, sassier and more grown up sound all thanks to music mogul Chambers.

Recently Katie described making her new album The House as “orgasmic” and added that working with Chambers was “an amazing experience”.

She added: “One of the most incredible things that I loved about working with him was he’s so easy about the process of writing. He doesn’t deliberate over it too much.

“Sometimes when I write on my own I can get really bogged down with it.

“But he just writes. It’s so simple. The process is simple and I found myself writing easily then.”
And of course he had plenty to say about our Katie: “Working with Katie has been a deeply rewarding experience as she approaches music with a natural curiosity that is very creative.

“The songs all tell a story and go to places that some artists would be afraid to go.”

By Katie’s own admission the new album, out today, is more up tempo and the debut single from the record The Flood is currently on sale and making it’s way up the singles charts.

Katie’s record company are now hoping that the new contemporary sound will bring her music to a new generation.

Although Katie herself has different ideas and she doesn’t think an artist should specifically write for the audience they have.

She added: “It would be lovely to attract a younger audience but, as far as I’m concerned, it’ll be a side effect because I’ve already gotten what I want which is to make an album that I’m really proud of and one that’s taken me to new places in my mind.

“I don’t really make an album thinking about audience. That would just give you the biggest block ever.

“If you try and think about anyone apart from you liking it then you’re just screwed.

“You just can’t worry about what people are gonna think because, if you worry about it, it would just make me have a nervous breakdown.