FM PREMIERE: Summon Luke’s ‘Milky Way’ delivers a boldly inventive sound

"It's about the dynamics. Some parts of the song feel sparse, and others feel chaotic"
21 April 2023

Luke Harris, aka Summon Luke, is a talented and promising musician with a special sound that brings together industrial electronic music and pop rock.

Luke hails from Columbus, OH and he creates some amazing songs with powerful lyrics. His music is paired with visuals from the world of Sci-Fi/Fantasy.

His new song Milky Way is actually based on a tune written by one of his close friends. He used that as a foundation and gave it his own twist. Summon Luke‘s skills are put in full display in Milky Way – combining elements of punk and a range of dynamic sounds to create a convincing song. As you listen, more and more layers are added to make the sonic experience even richer.

Discussing the track, Luke said, “For me Milky Way has always been experimental and abstract. It’s about the dynamics. Some parts of the song feel sparse, and others feel chaotic.”

Luke gives his band credit for bringing the project to life. Steven Bustos added some vibrations of Coldplay/Sigor Rós with his drums, while Mike Stokes provided a lot of energy to the guitar section.

In addition to the new song, you will have a B-side song called No Shelter, and both will have accompanying musical clips for an ultimate listening experience.

Luke‘s Milky Way is a great example of his ability to create music that transcends genres and touches people in a unique way. This is for anyone who likes daring and inventive music, it is certainly worth checking out!

Photo by Michael Neumaier