Fabulous Magazine, now available on Sundays with the Sun, has a Dancing On Ice exclusive with the gorgeous pocket-rocket Jorgie Porter.

Sultry, sexy – yet disarmingly honest and always endearing – Jorgie reveals the struggles she’s gone through to make it in showbiz, including beating the ballet-school bullies.

“The teachers said they couldn’t understand what I was saying and that I didn’t talk properly,” she tells Fabulous. “I had a really hard time, I just wanted to go home and eat lots.“I remember I went through a period as a teen where I sweated quite a lot and so they called me ‘Sweaty Betty’. I had spots so then I got ‘Pizza Face’. And they’d call me frigid because I never kissed a boy.”

“Whenever I was upset I’d write things down in this book. I looked back at it recently and it made me really sad to see how low I was.”

There are no such confidence problems today! After three years as darling of the lads’ mags and a successful career in Hollyoaks, Jorgie has broken through to become this year’s one to watch on DOI.

Doing the show is a dream come true for the actress: “I desperately wanted to be a dancer,” she admits. “The teachers at school told me I didn’t have a dancer’s physique and that I’d have to lose weight.”

“Dancing On Ice has changed my body. Everything’s just a bit tighter…” The Hollyoaks actress is officially taken and the lucky guy is off and on-screen boyfriend, James Atherton. She reveals: “We were friends for about six months before we got together and I thought he was an utter pain in the backside.”

But now she says: “He’s amazing. I hope it’s long-term. It feels like it will be, anyway.”

And as for the future? Jorgie’s a girl with the world at her blades. “Acting is my first love,” she says. “That’s what I want to do. But I’m having the time of my life at the moment and I don’t want it to end.”

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