‘Stand Clear Of The Closing Doors’ by Subway Rat has some captivating ‘NJ pop storytelling over NY alternative beats’

It has a nostalgic feel, but also a fresh & raw and different element that keeps you interested
24 August 2023

Subway Rat‘s music, like the track Rendezvous, it reminds us those indie bands from the 2000s like The Strokes and LCD Soundsystem. It has a nostalgic feel, but also a fresh & raw and different element that keeps you interested.

Rendezvous is the track that stands out from the album. It has cool hip-hop beats, awesome guitar riffs, and killer vocals that just hit you right in the feels. Subway Rat states that the single is “[…]  about a breakup, it’s about a girl, it’s about love. But it’s also about dancing, laughing, and crying..” 

The convincing track blends different musical styles and genres, according to Polanco. “NJ pop storytelling over NY alternative beats”.

His highly-anticipated debut album Stand Clear Of The Closing Doors, was polished to perfection by top-notch Grammy-winning sound engineers at the world-renowned Lounge Studios in New York. They worked their magic and made it all happen in just three jam-packed sessions.

New Yorkian underground indie alternative artist Subway Rat, born David Polanco, has a unique recording style – he usually goes with the first take and calls it ‘alt rock freestyles’. It’s his way of keeping things spontaneous and raw.

Subway Rat draws inspiration from his own life and personal journey when crafting his tunes. It’s all about self-discovery, and you can really hear it in his new single, examining the confusing nature of being both sad and in love, happy and heartbroken, documenting what he describes as a ‘timeless time’ in his life.

He says Rendezvous to be his very first song and believes it’s a significant milestone for him as an artist and holds a special place in his heart.

He’s got this cool way of blending alt-rock and indie-pop sounds, the result is some seriously captivating tunes.

Still relatively new to the scene, Subway Rat has already received radio plays across the UK, Brazil, Mexico, Argentina and more. Now, with his debut album, Subway Rat looks to capitalise on his blossoming popularity, ready to make his mark in the New York and indie rock music scene.

Photos by David Polanco