Suaz overcomes adversity to unveil ‘Best Part Of Life’

"I carry influence from my city, Memphis, which is heavy rap based. So when I got the opportunity I made the most out of it"
14 April 2024

At the young age of 21, Memphis-based artist Suaz began his musical ​adventure at 17. Despite enduring setbacks such as a serious car accident resulting in limited hearing in his right ear, he pressed on, amassing over 1 million streams across various platforms. His recent inclusion on Spotify’s Varsity Bars playlist further highlights his growing prominence.

Suaz’s latest convincing tune, Best Part Of Life, draws inspiration from personal romantic experiences, capturing moments of euphoria.

Suaz has recently teamed up with the Atlanta-based startup hybrid-label Coppiano Group America, which distributes through The Orchard. Jonny Coppiano, the founder of CGA, has confirmed that Suaz will be dropping “at least three new singles in the upcoming quarter, featuring exciting collaborations on the production front.”

Reflecting on his journey, Suaz offers insights into his recovery and artistic growth.

I HATE tiktok. Think it was good at first in some ways but now it’s just as much “Programming” as commercials or radio. Its label controlled, non authentic, and honestly is awful for artists

Suaz, can you elaborate on how your unique blend of sad rap, trap, and dark pop has contributed to the revival of frat rap, particularly within the Tennessee music scene?

So far I’ve doubt I’ve made such a contribution other than being another well framed artist coming across feeds with the sound. My plan of contribution is to just do the best with my sound and hopefully create my own path around it.

Could you share with us your journey as an artist, especially regarding your resilience after recovering from a severe car accident that affected your hearing?

From the beginning of my artistry I’ve faced challenges and setbacks. From bad label dealings to personal setbacks I’ve had to overcome my fair share just like everyone else. My car accident was the roughest one obviously as I had partial face paralysis, nerve damage on my vocals and lost my hearing in my right ear. Since this incident I have 100% recovered minus my hearing but it was a long road of me fighting myself in my studio trying to get back and better. That situation changed my life for the better and will for sure play a major role in my success.

How have you managed to accumulate over 1 million streams across various platforms, and what impact has your inclusion in Spotify’s editorial playlist Varsity Bars had on your career?

Staying consistent and crafting my sound behind closed doors only releasing what I feel is perfect. With the help of underground platforms and sharing the love for my music. The editorial changed nothing and is just further motivation to keep going.

What inspired your new single Best Part Of Life, and how do your personal experiences influence your songwriting process?

Saint JHN’s BEST PART OF LIFE is the root inspiration for this song. I heard it one day and wanted to flip it into my own meaning. I used the concept of “The highs” so to speak where it’s all just a stimulated feeling VS actual feelings and I think the song portrays that perfectly.

What motivated your decision to partner with the Atlanta startup hybrid-label Coppiano Group America, and what opportunities do you see this collaboration offering for your future releases?

I was looking for a new distribution by chance at the time and from our conversations he seemed like a trustworthy and good guy willing to negotiate fairly. With the promises he was making it seemed like a no brainer so now it’s time to see if they are delivered upon.

With at least three new singles scheduled for release in the upcoming quarter, what can your fans expect in terms of your musical evolution and potential collaborations with other artists?

Expect everything & more. My foot on the gas. 

How do you demonstrate versatility in your music, as evident from your repertoire spanning from pop rock tracks like Sixteen to energetic pop rap ensembles like Tom Ford? Additionally, what does this diversity signify for your trajectory as an artist aiming for global recognition?

I never aimed for versatility; it just happened naturally. I carry influence from my city, Memphis, which is heavy rap based. So when I got the opportunity I made the most out of it. I just record whatever feels right in that moment and run with the energy from the beat. Since then I realized I cannot logically maintain a trap sound as it’s not me and I can’t have that image. Now I’m building a “me” sound in 2 different genres and that’s by chance. Just love music.

What specific transformations would you like to witness within the music industry?

I HATE tiktok. Think it was good at first in some ways but now it’s just as much “Programming” as commercials or radio. Its label controlled, non authentic, and honestly is awful for artists. Artists don’t blow up on tiktok their 30 second snippet does. There’s been maybe 2 artists to maintain off of it and ​I think it’s poison. Less Ego more creating. Bigger artists stopped giving chances years ago it seems. Now everyone is waiting on a drake co-sign. You can have the best song ever and will get ignored because you got 10k less followers. The arts been tarnished.

Who are the artists or musicians that have greatly influenced the development of your artistic style and approach?

Mike., Saint JHN, Trippie Redd, Juice WRLD, Young Thug, and many more.

How do you see technology, such as AI, shaping the future of the music industry, and how do you, as an artist, adapt to and navigate these advancements?

I’m not answering this one lol that’s the sauce.