Sú North: transforming Hip Hop with ‘Emotion Ocean’ and the evocative EP ‘Listening to Sunsets’

Known for his uplifting spirit and laid-back beats that echo the cadence of ocean waves, invites listeners into a world of restoration and peace
12th January 2024

Originally from Harlem, New York, and currently based in the Bay Area, Sú North brings a distinct alternative flair to his music, shaped by his deep love for lyrical expression and a lifelong engagement with slam poetry. With his background as a cinematographer and creative director, he masterfully combines striking visuals with captivating sounds, offering a holistic artistic experience.

Alternative hip hop and rap artist Sú North, formerly known as Sharif Hassan, is making a remarkable comeback with his new single Emotion Ocean (Ft. KOÀ), released via Greater Than Distribution. This track, a standout from his new EP Listening to Sunsets, weaves a story of healing and nature. North, known for his uplifting spirit and laid-back beats that echo the cadence of ocean waves, invites listeners into a world of restoration and peace, building on the groundwork of his previous hits like Yellow and Waves ft. Jada Imani.

His message, “Stay safe, your pain is no shame,” resonates through the song, blending harmonious vocals with drum machines in an almost cinematic soundscape. His musical approach reflects inspirations from artists such as lausse the cat, The Silhouettes Project, Andre 3000, and Mac Miller.

Emotion Ocean, a collaboration with KOÀ, who is known for his reflective lyricism and soulful vocals, was born out of a dialogue about their shared experiences with therapy, particularly as black men in a society where such conversations are often marginalized. Opting for a clean language approach, the track underscores the importance and complexities of self-discovery and therapy within their community. The inspiration stemmed from North’s profound experience watching a sunset after his initial therapy session.

North’s earlier tracks from the Listening to Sunsets EP have already struck a chord with audiences, garnering over 99K streams and 74K views for their music videos. The EP is an intimate portrayal of North’s experiences reflecting on sunsets after therapy sessions, a journey that took months to musically articulate.

The new EP marks a significant turning point in North’s career, highlighting his collaboration with Greater Than Distribution. This company, established by industry experts Paula Moore and Randy Jackson, is in alliance with Universal Music Group’s Virgin Music Group, representing a major step forward in North’s musical journey.  This collaboration emphasizes their commitment to supporting female talent in the music industry, a value that North actively echoes in his projects through collaborations with women artists, engineers, and vocalists.

The release of Listening to Sunsets will be celebrated with a launch party on January 20th at the Elbo Room Jack London in Oakland, CA. North will be performing alongside local artists Limbo, Akaycentric, and Savage Mind, promising an evening of innovative music and community.


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