Stylish and Sultry New Track, DO ME ONE, From New Zealand’s RAZÉ

By Moni B

The youngest sibling of the infamous Williams family, RAZÉ is proving the genetic talent has not been spared on her in her rollicking new track Do Me One.

A fascinating listen from start to finish, the New Zealand singer-songwriter blends chilled R&B with modern electronica, creating an infectious syncopated melody that is truly unique. Her stunningly layered vocals strike through the rhythm, a fiery and infatuating voice that bears a resemblance to classic era hip-hop performers such as Aaliyah and Lauryn Hill. A true performer, the accompanying video shows RAZÉ dancing with a troupe of her friends, perfectly engaged with the beat as she bounces along.

Featuring a verse from fellow Kiwi rapper Omega Levine, the narrative plays out in a high school setting, as RAZÉ falls for a basketball player who already has a girlfriend.

Describing the inspiration behind the love-laced lyricism, she explains “With the song Do Me One the inspiration came from an experience anyone can have by meeting somebody at a bar or anywhere, eventually building up a desire to talk to them and leading it to maybe a One Night Stand or even one kiss. My aim was to keep my Hip-Hop routes with that Old-School feel and with those RnB vocals to give that sultry yet intimate feel.”

After snagging both the Best Pacific Female Artist and Best Soul and R&B Artist at the 2019 Pacific Music Awards, RAZÉ has been raising significant intrigue worldwide. With songs such as Not About You and JUMP both bearing her fresh, fun take on the hip-hop genre, Do Me One is an exciting follow-up from the artist, who is set to take 2021 under her reign. 


Photo by Darren Meredith