Classic …’Clueless’ and ‘Princess Diaries’ School Uniforms.
Regardless of whether you hated wearing your school uniform or not, there is no denying that it’s one of the most recognizable looks around the world. Now, we're not suggesting that you dig through your drawers and start rocking your old uniform (well, maybe for Halloween), but why not simply get a little inspiration from some of the pieces. Incorporating one item inspired from your school uniform days can add a touch of class and sophistication to any outfit. Today, we’re going to look at some ideas that are bound to make you look and feel more youthful than ever!

Checked Skirt

It’s a classic, but for good reason. The checked skirt (sometimes called plaid skirt or tartan skirt) has been a fashion icon for decades, and is one of the most commonly seen items worn by girls as part of a school uniform. Sure, the length of some checked skirts can get a little…risqué, shall we say, but when worn at a tasteful length, coupled with leggings, leather boots, and a white blouse, a checked skirt like the ones we found here, can give your outfit that back to school chic.

Oxford Shoes

It’s hard not to feel nostalgic for the days of chalkboards and calculators when wearing a pair of shiny black Oxfords. As a teenager, you may have hated putting on these every morning for school, but now you’re an adult and you’ve got the freedom of choice, you have to agree that Oxfords really are cute, smart, and cool. When paired with no show socks, skinny black jeans (roll up your hems and show a bit of ankle), and a plain black or white shirt, we think Oxfords will put a massive exclamation mark on your outfit. For more style tips, look at this guide on wearing Oxfords.


Nothing says well-dressed more than a stylish blazer, as both men and women alike look impeccably cool when slipping on this particular type of jacket. It's possible to go for a fancy option if dressing up for a job interview or dazzling a first date, but if it’s casual you’re after, then a simple black option over a white top, together with a good pair of jeans and heels is a style that will get you adoring gazes. It should be noted that finding a blazer that is perfectly fitted can be somewhat tricky, as anything too large or small will look peculiar. However, finding one that fits you is easy enough with this guide, and after choosing your particular blazer, we think it’s an A+ look.

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