Style Icon Daisy Lowe Is Odd Molly By Helena Christensen – Interview

Odd Molly teams up with Helena Christensen again for the fall / winter 2010 campaign, this time with Helena as the photographer. The shoot took place at the Chelsea Hotel in New York mid January.

Daisy is a super Molly

Daisy Lowe has landed 23 major campaigns and is considered one of the most influential people in British fashion. At just 20 years old, she is labelled “the new style icon of her generation: beautiful, sexy, and one of those girls who doesn’t have to try and be anything except herself”.

Helena Christensen is one of the leading supermodels of the 1990’s. She has had one of the most diverse careers of those belonging to this elite group familiar to most everyone. A veteran of the fashion runways, magazines and high-fashion campaigns Helena is still one of the most in-demand super models.

This supermodel is so much more than a supermodel

Q&A’s Odd Molly’s creative director Per Holknekt
Who suggested Helena as a photographer?
“This supermodel is so much more than a supermodel, and this is a woman to represent the multitude we so much love”. Creative Director and co-founder Per Holknekt popped the question, got the Yes, and it was all as easy as that. Helena got to choose her own favourite model and Daisy was her easy #1 pick. Per could nothing but agree.

Tell us about the choice of the model, Daisy Lowe? Is she a Molly?
Daisy is a super Molly. Her clean conscience lifestyle and her living mind pair up with her personal beauty to portray a role model for both the young and the less young. Daisy Lowe is friendly, fun spirited and a thinker, just like the typical cool Molly customer.

What does Daisy think of Odd Molly as a brand? Did she get to keep any of the clothes from the shoot?
Daisy was early described as a girl with grand integrity. She admired the aesthetics and core values of Odd Molly and wanted to take part in the shoot to experience these qualities. While at the shoot she loved some of the pieces and wanted to keep them, still she’ll have to wait patiently, like everybody, until fall when she will receive her picked superdarlings.

Q&A’s photographer Helena Christensen
What was the most challenging part in the transition from a model to a photographer?
I was a photographer before I started modelling. So the transition was really the other way around. I am fascinated by photography, the effect images have on me. Working on both sides of the camera has been some sort of educational experience for me.

What kind of advantages do you think being a model yourself is giving you as a photographer?

I am a rather quick photographer. It’s about not losing the vibe, the moment. As the subject I feel I can keep that going in an interesting, intimate way for a little while, and then it becomes somehow forced.

You’ve been the model for Odd Molly, a co-designer on a charity collaboration and now the photographer. What is the next step for You and Odd Molly?
Take over the company! Nah it’s in very capable hands. It’s very inspiring and refreshing to work with Per, the founder. He has an easy and mellow spirit about him and is open to any creative inputs.

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