STR^NGE takes Liverpool by storm with ‘Timestuck’

"It's an attempt to capture a feeling of desperation and futility both in love and in general existence"
24 June 2024
Photo by @lukedoesvisuals

Liverpool-Based risers STR^NGE are painting a vivid sonic landscape with their latest single, Timestuck, a captivating journey into existential contemplation set against a backdrop of psychedelic 70s influences.

Timestuck is a track that’s equal parts heartbreaking and thought-provoking. As the band digs deep into themes of desperation and futility, their melodic storytelling shines with an emotional intensity that resonates deeply.

Comprising former drummer of The Mysterines Chrissy, alongside James, David, and Leon, STR^NGE draws inspiration from legendary acts like David Bowie and Talking Heads while infusing their own unique flair into every composition. Jose Ibanez of The Heavy North takes the reins on STR^NGE’s latest offering, Timestuck, a potent teaser for their forthcoming debut EP. By venturing into uncharted territory, the band boldly breaks free from their previous sonic constraints.

Step into the sonic landscape of this single and you’ll find yourself caught between the intricate harmonies of The Beatles and the melancholic resonance of David Bowie’s Berlin era. Meanwhile, the raw energy and live-wire guitar work evoke the intense atmosphere of Arctic Monkeys’ most frenetic tracks – yet it’s all blended with an infectious modernity that stays ahead of the curve. The band’s live energy is a potent force, and on ‘Timestuck’, they finally bottle it. Here, infectious melodies burst forth from dark emotional landscapes, culminating in an album that’s as visceral as it is volatile.

Photo by @lukedoesvisuals

Reflecting on the inspiration behind the track, STR^NGE reveals, “‘Timestuck’ is an attempt to capture a feeling of desperation and futility both in love and in general existence. It was written during a period in life where there was that fear of time and panic at existence which coincides with a major change. It’s hard to express the connection that love has with ontological angst, and trying to fit both topics into one song was half a struggle but hopefully it does communicate the relationship between the two to the listener.”

Having already made waves with sold-out shows at iconic Liverpool venues like The Jacaranda and The Kazimier, STR^NGE continues to build momentum. Liverpool’s music enthusiasts have spoken: this group’s energetic live shows and trailblazing music are generating massive excitement, and it’s easy to see why – they’re pioneering a fresh, unwaveringly original sound that’s bursting onto the national scene.

As STR^NGE gets ready to share more of their debut EP, listeners are in for a treat. Timestuck, a hauntingly evocative track, is just the beginning of a sonic exploration that magically merges retro vibes with modern-day resonance.