“We used to run when we were crossing the street so they (Snipers) wouldn’t hit us.” These are the words of Abdulrahman, aged 12, describing his everyday life in war-torn Syria.

This powerful and poignant new film – directed by Nathan Sam Long, and written by award-winning screen writer Dominic Minghella – hope to shake the conscience of the free world, calling on the international community to support for global education campaign #UpForSchool for the ‘Hope for Syria’s Young Talent’ petition – ensuring one million Syrian refugee children secure an education this year.

The film follows three talented young brothers, Samir, Abdulrahman and Mohammed who arrived in Lebanon as refugees four years ago. The documentary explores their story and talent for rap music. It illustrates that if they had not been able to return to school, learn how to read and write, they would not have learnt their music and developed their talent.

Sarah Brown, President of Theirworld, the charity that founded the #UpForSchool campaign, explains: “This film poignantly tells the story of three brothers, who despite their circumstances have been able to develop their passion for rap music, because they have returned to the classroom. However, there is a generation of young talent from Syria, who will not be able to fulfil their potential, because they are currently denied an education.

We must challenge world leaders to play a part in giving the most vulnerable children in the world a life they deserve. By investing in their education we are providing hope for Syria’s Young Talent, and avoiding greater problems in the future.”