Broken Together is loaded with brass and guitar lines that harks back to the mid-noughties indie-rock scene.

Formed back in Chicago, Stock Footage’s band leader Jake discusses the release… Broken Together is an unconventional love song about finding someone that compliments your imperfections, the person that you feel comfortable doing nothing at all with. This was the first song I wrote after moving to Brooklyn, so it feels right that it’s the lead single and title track off of our upcoming album. It features a hooky guitar riff and driving horn lines. The first instrument I learned how to play was trombone, and I have had the idea of incorporating horns into the songwriting for Stock Footage since starting the band. I enlisted my Dad to play the trumpet and I started playing trombone again for the album. If nothing else, I hope the listener takes away that horns can be an exciting and vital part of an indie rock song.”

Before you do anything else today, make sure that Stock Footage’s Broken Together is added to your playlists.