STEVEN MALCOLM QuickFire Questions: Most Memorable Moment So Far Is Working And Meeting SHAGGY

By Frank Bell

We had a chat with rising hip-hop star Steven Malcolm on teaming up with dancehall legend Shaggy for the rather convincing collaborative gem that is the Fuego Remix.

Which artists have influenced you the most?

Top 3 artists that have influenced me the most would have to be Lil Wayne, Travis Scott, and KB!  

How about your biggest non-musical inspirations?

Non musical inspo would be God, my family and Michael Jordan lol… 

Describe ‘Fuego’ for us.

Fuego is that contagious feeling you get to start dancing when that one brave soul decides to be the first on the dance floor…let that sink in…. 

Where do you see yourself in five years’ time?

In five years time, I’d like to see myself leading and inspiring the next generation. Music is the main platform I’m using now but I feel God definitely has more in store. Things like fashion, record label, promotion company, may even mess around and be a boxer lol! 

What has been the most memorable moment of your career so far?

Most memorable moment so far is working and meeting Shaggy. I listened to his music growing up AND being a yardie made this next level special. Bro is a great vibe. 

Steven Malcolm’s Fuego Remix featuring Shaggy is out now.