Step Up 2: The Streets – A Review

By Andrea Clarke
SINCE Save The Last Dance hit movie screens in 2001 there has been an influx of urban dance films gracing cinemas all over the world.
And even though they all have similar formulas – boy meets girl, boy argues with girl, boy and girl fall for each other through their love of dance – they make a great Friday night flick and rake in lots of cash at the box office.

I have to say I’m a huge dance movie fan, I love the routines, even if the dialogue can be a bit cheesy.
So when I heard there was a new film coming out I couldn’t wait to see it.
Step Up 2: The Streets, the sequel to the 2006 dance romance, which I have dubbed a Dan Rom, stars Rob Hoffman and newcomer Briana Evigan.
I have to say first off I’m a huge fan of Rob Hoffman. He is a regular on Wild ‘N Out on MTV and is also a renowned dancer and choreographer. In fact he actually choreographed his solo dance moves in the film.
But that’s not why I went to see this film – well maybe just a little.
Step Up 2 tells the story of 16-year-old Andie West, played by Evigan, a rebellious teenager who is struggling to come to terms with her mother’s death.
Andie lives with her mother’s best friend Sarah and spends most of her time with the notorious dance crew 410, which often gets her into trouble.
When Sarah threatens to send her to live with her aunt in Texas Andie plans to run away from home.
She meets her friend Tyler Gage (Channing Tatum), the star of the original Step Up, who gets her an audition at the Maryland School of the Arts.
A talented dancer, Andie gets in and she meets Chase Collins (Hoffman), the school’s best dancer and ladies man.
Her new school commitments interfere with 410 and when they force her to choose, she starts her own crew with the misfits from MSA.
Both crews go head to head to win underground dance competition The Streets.
The choreography and soundtrack is amazing, particularly in the last scenes of the film, and even though it gets a bit cheesy towards the end, it’s a great film to pass a few hours.
A must for any dance fan, Step Up 2 is a no nonsense entertaining Dan Rom.
Step Up 2: The Streets is out in cinemas from Friday March 21.

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