Stellan Perrick’s ‘Moon Dance’: A Serenade to a Celestial Muse

Delicately brooding vocals, 80s-inspired synths and evocative lyrics deliver enchanting melodies and dream-like visual imagery on this transcendental ode to a celestial body.
31 August 2023

Of all the celestial bodies in our solar system, few hold a mystique as captivating as the Moon. With its silvery glow and mysteriously shifting form, it has inspired artists, poets and dreamers throughout the ages. Stellan Perrick is one such artist, harnessing the Moon’s essence in his latest pop track ‘Moon Dance’. 

Based in Germany, Stellan Perrick is a promising self-taught indie alternative artist and experienced music producer in the spheres of EDM, house, deep, and electronic music, who enjoys collaborating with producers from around the world.

Moon Dance follows his previous two, equally strong singles, ‘Naughty‘ and ‘Golden Baby‘ which are also well worth a listen. Dark and introspective, yet dancey, Perrick’s music reflects major influences including Prince, The Weeknd, and Michael Jackson.

With this latest artistic offering, Stellan continues to prove himself, demonstrating that he knows how to craft an electronic bop with compelling motifs and complex arrangements.

While it pays homage to MJ, with grunt-like vocalisations reminiscent of the pop legend, the track also bears Perrick’s unique signature. The song’s narrative takes its cues from the simple yet effective concept that “people can get so hypnotized by the Moon that they start dancing”. Delicately brooding vocals, 80s-inspired synths, and evocative lyrics deliver enchanting melodies and dream-like visual imagery on this transcendental ode to a celestial body. Have a listen:

We caught up with Stellan for a few questions and answers to lend more insight into the creation of ‘Moon Dance’.

Can you tell us about the inspiration behind “Moon Dance”? How did the idea for this track come about, especially the connection to the moon and dancing at midnight?

I’ve always been attracted to the moon, like many others. There have been many times when I went out just to gaze at the Moon. The Moon is really magical to me, and I took that as inspiration to make “Moon Dance”

Could you elaborate on how you translated this inspiration into the musical elements of the track?

I wanted to incorporate dance elements into the song, such that one can dance to it. There are many chimes and synths added to give a magical feel to the song. The drums have a funky vibe that blends well with the other instruments, including the electronic sound effects.

The name “Luna” comes up in the lyrics to suggest a reference to the moon, and the lyric “I let Luna do her black magic” is referring to the Moon doing something that is unexplainable, also like black magic. “Luna drives me lunatic” is also a direct connotation to that feeling.

There’s a mention of a reference to Michael Jackson’s “Ghost” in relation to “Moon Dance.” Could you elaborate on the connection and how this reference influenced the song’s creation?

Michael Jackson’s famous “Moon Walk” and many songs of his have themes of the Moon, although not originally done with that in mind, talks have come out that “Luna” is actually Michael Jackson’s ghost who is possessing the singer and that’s the reason why he is dancing.

Can you share any specific challenges you faced while creating “Moon Dance,” and how did you overcome them to bring your vision to life?

I didn’t face any problems in the creation of this piece. I worked together with a producer from the US who has a specialty in making electronic music. So the funky ideas I had in mind for the song blended in very well with his electronic touch.