STAYOUTLATE Marries Expressive Rap With A Social Consciousness In FABERGÉ

“In the social media age, everyone has this expectation for you to be bright and perfect."
19 August 2021

By JJ Disco

Fabergé is the explosive album from the Canadian four-piece alternative hip-hop collective STAYOUTLATE. Founded in 2014, Tremayne, Scotty IV, Charlie Noiir and YoungWolf come together as a force to be reckoned with – complete with excellent lyricism, strong influences and an effortless flair.

A nine-track album that oozes style, Fabergé showcases all the individual artists best selves whilst providing a cohesive soundscape. They effortlessly meld together, never outshining each other but presenting as a united musical front. Including tracks such as ‘Lavish’, previously released as a single, STAYOUTLATE creates a real sense of presence that they maintain through addictive energy and fast-paced instrumentals that know exactly when to build. 

Stylistically solid, the album is raw in its narrative and presents an honest look at the lifestyle of the artists as they prevail in the face of challenges and live their creative truth, which produces not only an infectious honesty but also a satisfying conclusion.  Brought to life by producers YoungWolf and Zepfire and performed with exponential talent and emotion by rappers Tremayne, Charlie Noiir and Scotty IV, ‘Fabergé’ explores issues with modern culture, both inside and out of the music scene. Remaining grounded in an audio expression, never breaching preachy but rather authentic, STAYOUTLATE perfectly marries the two concepts together whilst maintaining both to an impressive level.

The states: “In the social media age, everyone has this expectation for you to be bright and perfect. The reality is “perfect” doesn’t exist and on top of that, the stress we all experience striving for perfection can be catastrophic. Sometimes dancing with your darkness leads to a brighter tomorrow.“