Stay Slim Just Feeding Our Mind

Losing weight is about what we feed our mind according to leading NI therapist. RECENT research has shown that a hefty 38 per cent of adults in Northern Ireland will be trying to lose weight this year.

Almost 700,000 people have expressed losing weight as a key New Year’s resolution for 2010 and they’ll be happy to hear that help is at hand from leading Northern Ireland hypnotherapist and psychotherapist Tom Herron whose weight loss method may seem too good to be true.
Imagine Yourself Slim and Stay Slim is the name of Tom’s weight management programme which states that the secret to effective weight reduction is in your own mind, rather than through a succession of rigid diets, and that people can truly lose weight while eating what they want and when they want.

Tom’s long standing interest in the fields of addiction and weight management has culminated with the development of highly successful seminars which describe and explain a number of easy-to-follow techniques.

His Imagine Yourself Slim and Stay Slim seminar, which comes to Belfast’s Ramada Hotel on January 31, offers practical approaches to discover reasons why one may be overweight, effective ways to deal with it and, importantly, the key to reprogramming your mind to greatly increase your chances of staying slim.
Tom’s work is based on enhancing clients’ natural but often undeveloped ability to create new and healthier perspectives. He focuses on carefully selected words, terms and phrases that help clients see their goal in a powerful and highly motivated way.

According to Tom, ‘diets’ as we know them, can have negative connotations and may simply set us up to fail and feel bad about ourselves. He believes the underlying causes of overeating are often overlooked and we tend to revert back to our old eating habits and regain any ‘lost’ weight – which in turn is even more damaging to our self esteem.

At the centre of Tom’s work is his understanding of the human psyche. He believes that human beings do not respond to reality but rather to the image of reality they have in their mind.

“Just think of the image you have of yourself right now and realise that your subconscious mind is at all times responding to that image and creating the body shape you have” explains Tom. “Over the years this image has been reinforced by what you say to yourself and what you perceive others are saying about you.

“Often at seminars I have met people, both men and women, who really hate their bodies because they are overweight. These same people also believe that they would like their bodies more if they lost some weight. I simply show them how to create a much healthier image of themselves by teaching them how to reprogram their mind, change their thinking and consequently their eating habits” he continued.

“I believe everyone can be the person they choose to be, eat what they want when they want and I look forward to bringing my Imagine Yourself Slim and Stay Slim seminar to Belfast later this month so I can work closely with people, help them to start 2010 on a more positive note and ultimately achieve their goals and a healthier fitter life.” Tom concluded.

With over 10 years experience, Tom has trained with some of the most respected names in the self-development, positive psychology and therapy fields including Dr Paul McKenna, Richard Bandler and Dr Michael Yapko.

Tom’s first Belfast seminar will take place at The Ramada Hotel, Shaw’s Bridge, Belfast from 10.00 am – 4.00 pm on Sunday January 31.

For Further details, please visit or telephone 028 877 25741.