stars-and-rabbit1Ahead of their first UK tour, stirring Indonesian folk-pop duo Stars and Rabbit – lead singer Elda Suryani and guitarist Adi Widodo – talk about their splendidly offbeat sonic world and smart songwriting.

Hi Stars and Rabbit, how are you?

Adi: Hi, we are fine, thank you.

How would you describe your sound?

Adi: To me, Stars and Rabbit’s sound is like part of my life, means that it comes from my experience about life itself.

You are about to embark on a short tour of England, what do you expect from your first UK tour and where are you playing?

Elda: We want to see if there’s a room for our music to spread out here.
There are 4 venues :
12/10, Gwdhw – Cardiff, Wales
14/10, The Good Ship – London
17/10, Green Door Store – Brighton
20/10, The Dublin Castle – London

As a duo, how does the writing process work between the two of you?

Adi: We usually just jam together just the two of us and making part of the song, and then we set up for workshop with our musician friends.

Elda: It’s been ups and downs, when it’s up, the process can be quite fast. We really complete each other. I sing a note, Adi gives some tones, i write some lyric, we’re trying to catch each other’s phrases, back and forth as it built up into a whole material.

In terms of genre, where do you think your sound fits in the musical landscape?

Adi: To me, it’s just like ambient folk tunes and some imaginary pop sound, so basically we’re living in the Neverland, hahahaha ✌.

You are from Indonesia, what is the music scene like back home?

Elda: We have so many incredible sounds from home. A lot of cool events and festivals where all the music have chance to really spreading through cities. The awareness of the youngs with local music is also at its peak.

Are there any bands from back home you would recommend to us?

Adi: I love Scaller, one of the good bands from the Indonesian music scene.
Elda: Yes, I would say Scaller

For those who haven’t seen you perform, what is a Stars and Rabbit live show like?

Elda: Whimsical

Adi: I don’t really know how to explain our live show :-)…but sometimes I saw some of the audiences enjoying themselves in their own way, and it makes us very happy.

If you could support one band in the world past or present who would it be and why?

Adi: I really want yo play with Coldplay, because I love the vibe that they create in their albums or live shows.

Elda: Tori Amos, she’s magic.

What does the rest of 2016 hold for Stars and Rabbit?

Elda: In the beginning of this year, we had our solo concert held back home. After this tour, the plan is to close to year with another solo concert.

Stars and Rabbit ‘Man Upon The Hill’, is out on November 11th via Green Island Music.