STARRY EYES share their bittersweet experience with new single ‘Jetlag’

“I soon came to understand just how shallow and empty all the glamour really is."
17 February 2023

The California grunge-pop group STARRY EYES have just dropped their first single Jetlag which will be part of their forthcoming EP Ciao Bella.

The soul-stirring grunge-pop single Jetlag is a bittersweet blend of soft, sugary hooks and a bright chorus, alongside grim guitar riffs and darker lyrics. It’s surprisingly cathartic and something totally unexpected.

Jetlag talks about a dream that we all have and the sacrifices we make to get there, only to realize that it’s not worth it in the end because of all the harm and damage it has caused.

The song is partly the result of the group’s emotional hangover after the death of drummer Matthew Scoggins and frontman Kyle Tekiela’s personal experience of achieving his childhood dream of producing award-winning films only to be met by the slimy realities of the business.

The band STARRY EYES have had a wild journey – full of ups and downs. It’s both sad and inspiring at the same time. John Shippey (guitar) and Matthew Scoggins (drums) had an incredibly strong bond and it’s thanks to them that the band is what it is today. They are the founding duo of the group and started it all.

For two years they toiled on tunes for their first EP, Ciao Bella. During this time, they were also looking for the perfect singer to round out their compelling sound.

In the beginning of 2021, John and Matt had a stroke of luck when they linked up with Kyle Tekiela as the singer and lyricist. Tragically, Matt passed away due to drugs, bringing an unexpected end to the band’s plans. It’s been two years since Matt passed away, yet John and Kyle keep going. The band’s story is an amazing comeback tale.

Kyle explains, “I soon came to understand just how shallow and empty all the glamour really is. The dream of ‘dying in California’ is both spiritual and physical because the person you were when you arrived is gone and what’s left is someone barely recognizable. ‘Jetlag’ is my wake-up call.”

Phil Ek (worked with Band of Horses, Fleet Foxes, & Mudhoney) mixed the self-made EP and Greg Calbi (Adele, Ramones, Paul McCartney’s engineer) mastered it – who’s a multi Grammy winner.

The current members of STARRY EYES are now looking forward while at the same time, not forgetting their painful past. Ciao Bella‘s music is a tribute to those they’ve lost and a bittersweet start to all the amazing things to come.

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