STARMONEY Drops His Latest Trap/Hip-Hop Banger CATFISH Feat. SNAP CAPONE

By Frank Bell

StarMoney returns with a fiery new offering in the form of Catfish. Teaming up with Snap Capone for the track, it is a frisky kickback at the world of Instagram, where luxuries are flaunted in order to rise up the social ranks. Desperate to rid his life of fakers and gimmicks, StarMoney’s bars are curt and crude, yet with a flow that can’t help but be grooved to. With thumping bass and a broody beat, the rhythm spans out as Snap Capone’s verse adds a fresh twist, and the duo proves why they are some of the hottest new talents on the UK rap scene.

Catfish is about fake portrayal” StarMoney declares, “For example, someone might pretend to be a real gangster or a rich person in the flesh or on the internet but in reality that is not what they are really about. Nowadays there are a lot of guys out there pretending to be gangsters or rich bawlers when really they are not. Instead, they fool the public by using their Instagram pretending to be someone of money and power on the streets or even off the streets and they use this act to gain status, publicity, and fame”. 

StarMoney is also a well-respected breeder of American Bulldogs, using a similar ethos to Catfish in his strive for perfection. Determined to inspire the younger generation, he intends to make kids realize that there is a life outside of drugs, knives, and gun crime, a world he was close to falling into, and prove to them that a mighty work ethic and perseverance can help you achieve his status. 

An artist who is nothing but himself, StarMoney is set to be one of the year’s biggest breakthrough acts.