As pizza connoisseurs and Star Trek fans, the geniuses at ThinkGeek devised a product to incorporate both loves into one outstanding product: the Star Trek Pizza Cutter.

Modeled after the original U.S.S. Enterprise NCC-1701, the most celebrated Federation Starfleet vessel, a sharp 4″ diameter steel blade replicates the ship’s saucer and the 4.5″ handle mimics the warp nacelles and generators.
“After years of staring at the iconic shape of the Star Trek Enterprise we finally realized in one ‘aha!’ moment what the saucer section of the ship was best used for… cutting pizza!” said Senior Merchandiser Ty Liotta. “After a bit of ergonomic adjustment we ended up with the best pizza wheel this side of the galaxy.”

Whether you’re a vegetarian Vulcan or a carnivorous Klingon, this is the perfect accessory for any geek kitchen. Plus, it doesn’t require the steady hand of Doctor Leonard McCoy to cut through the most topping heavy pizzas. If you’re trying to cut your way through a New York Style, Chicago deep-dish, or even an Andorian Redbat pie, there is no better tool.

The U.S.S. Enterprise NCC-1701

The Star Trek Pizza Cutter is an officially licensed product of CBS Consumer Products. It is available now at ThinkGeek.com for $24.99.