ST LUNDI Shares Emotive & Powerful NIGHTS LIKE THESE

The Talented Songwriter Evokes Pure Emotion on His New Single

By Vasco Dega

Creating some of the most anthemic and uplifting pieces of songwriter pop we’ve heard in the past year, UK-Based songwriter St Lundi has arisen as one of the most talented creators of harmony we’ve discovered. His past single Lost In Love showcased a vulnerability to the rising artist, but the new single shows a whimsical, uplifting side to his songwriting.

St Lundi shares: “I wrote ’Nights Like This’ about the first night I met my girlfriend, Josefine. I found that for someone who normally feels awkward in conversation, from the moment I met her it felt effortless to me. Everything I used to find hard became a lot easier. It’s about that instant connection you have with someone and embracing every second.”

The rising artist’s journey into music is one of complete self-belief and drive to achieve his goals. Originally from a small island on the South Coast, he took a brave decision to spontaneously move to London with no plans, money or contacts to help him pursue his dreams. He first found himself in writing sessions and recording studios only a few years ago, but his talent was quickly spotted within the industry-leading to opportunities others work a lifetime to achieve. 

St Lundi reveals “I grew up on a small island where the career in music that I had always dreamt of doing didn’t seem possible. So I decided to take a bit of a spontaneous leap of faith and travel to London one night in hope to pursue that, and I’m very glad I did!”


Photo by Georgia Dixon