St. Bishop’s SLEEP IT OFF | Confident, Glittery, honest, vulnerable & textured.

Hi St. Bishop! Please introduce yourself to our readers:

Hi there I am St. Bishop – an electro Pop artists based in Dublin, Ireland. I like to make music that is very honest and true to my experiences & surroundings, music that makes you feel understood & also that you can dance your ass off to. Also banana bread is my favourite thing in the entire world. 

What is your new single Sleep It Off all about?

On the surface level this song is about being sick of feeling sad and unfulfilled but as soon as anyone asks how you’re doing you pretend that you’re fine. If you do decide to open up about how you feel you sugarcoat it and say ‘I’m just gonna sleep it off’ but you don’t sleep it off, you lie in bed on your phone scrolling through instagram and watching stupid videos on youtube. 

This song talks about the pressures of social media and the hunt for gratification. Over the years social media has been something that I love to use but also something that triggers anxiety; it is easy to question why it is that you’re at home feeling sad while everyone you’re following online seems to be living their best lives.

What makes you different from other electro-pop artists?

I am not really sure what makes me different – I just write music that I like and that I can dance around to. I try not to compare myself to others too much, i used to do it a lot and it’s kind of damaging. We’re all on our own paths – take inspiration from the things you like and the things that excite you and just enjoy the process. 

Describe your sound in five words:

Confident, glittery, honest, vulnerable & textured.

Who are your biggest influences as an artist?

I grew up listening to pop acts like The Scissor Sisters, MIKA & Pink alongside soul artists like Stevie Wonder & Otis Redding. The music I was reared on informs a lot of what I am writing  & enjoying now. Currently LOVING anything that Troye Sivan does.

If you could collaborate with anyone, dead or alive, who would it be?

My dream collaborating would be with Troye Sivan. I got sweaty just thinking about that – I’d for sure try and play it cool in the moment but like omg – that would be like a proper MOMENT – like at the end of the Lizzie Maguire movie when Lizzie is singing What Dreams are Made Of and Paolo is outed for lip singing and then Lizzie just soars like the star that she is. What a moment. So yeah Troye Sivan plz. 

What are your plans for the rest of 2019?

I plan to write a lot and just enjoy time with friends and family. I’m gonna chill a lot this christmas. Also have a little bit of work to finish up on my next few releases but yeah – lil bit of work and a lot of chill. 

What can we expect from St. Bishop in 2020?

You can expect more new music, more live dates, a lot of dancing, probably some tears, some festival slots & just more growth I guess. I’m just excited to start taking things from my bedroom and into a space that people can consume what I create. 

Where can we find you online?

I use instagram a lot. Its kinda like my diary even though at times I had it and delete the app I still use it a lot and enjoy connecting with people on it. @iamtbishop

Any last words of wisdom?

Be true to yourself and have fun. Life is very serious and who knows we could all literally die at any point. Just live you life. 

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