SRUK presents a major orchestral concert with composer Matthew Slater

With loads of experience composing and conducting for popular TV series like Endeavour, Grace, and even Tom Jones. It's going to be an unforgettable evening.
15 August 2023

SRUK (Scleroderma & Raynaud’s UK) presents a concert that features the talented Matthew Slater. This event, on Wednesday, September 13th at St Bride’s Church in London, promises an amazing night of orchestral music chosen by the famous composer himself. And that’s not all – Matthew Slater will also reveal a unique and exclusive composition.

With loads of experience composing and conducting for popular TV series like Endeavour, Grace, and even Tom Jones. It’s going to be an unforgettable evening.

Slater also worked on the musical preparation for major feature films like Black Panther II. A regular conductor on the London session circuit, he can often be found conducting at Abbey Road and Air Studios among many other international venues.

Slater‘s experience in the industry of film and television spans two decades across a huge variety of styles and genres. ITV, BBC, Channel 4, Channel 5 plus numerous international stations have all broadcast Matthew’s work across the world on a regular basis.

On 25th of November 2022 the very last episode for the final series of ITV’s Endeavour (Series 9) was recorded in Air Lyndhurst Hall. London Metropolitan Orchestra have recorded all the music for Endeavour since its commencement in 2012.

Endeavour composer Matt Slater who also conducted LMO, scored for 50 strings, 8 woodwinds (including piccolo, alto flute, cor anglais, bass clarinet and contra bassoon), 9 brass (including flugelhorn), harp, piano and guitar – the largest orchestra ever convened for ‘Endeavour’.

The lead track for his work for ITV’s Endeavour Variations is Dots and Dashes.

Slater‘s music adventure started off with him making tea for everyone, but he didn’t settle for just that. He attended college to study music and expanded his knowledge of arranging and composing music scores.

In the end, he found his real vocation in composition and orchestral direction. This varied background gave him a really special understanding of how to create music for films and TV series.

Slater went through a lot in his personal life, but he persevered to reach the top of his brilliant career. His fight against lymphoma was a turning point, inspiring him to carry on his passion as a composer and his pride as a father.

Not only is he a well-respected composer and conductor, but Matthew Slater‘s also working on his own solo piano album. Starting now, his career will be even more thrilling.