poorlypuppy1Ripped clothes, Viagra, letters from STI clinics and even dog poo – these are just some of the things women want to send their cheating chaps.

A leading get-well gift site has been shocked at the bitter responses it has received in response to an email campaign to nominate contents for a ‘Break-Up Basket’.

“We asked what would they send a friend who had been dumped but lots of seething women added what they would send to the ex,” says Lee Percy, co-founder of www.PoorlyPuppy.com.

Broken picture frames, guides to the Karma Sutra, cut-up suits, the suggestions have been coming in thick and fast, says co-founder Cameron Elliott.

“I think the worst one we had was from a woman who wanted to send her ex a pickled hamster,” says Elliott. “However, after reading the accompanying explanation we agreed he did deserve it.”

PoorlyPuppy.com, the UK’s leading get-well gift site, announced the launch of an official hamper to give friends who have been dumped at the start of March.

“The feedback has been enormous,” says Percy. “Some of the more helpful ideas we’ve had include tissues, bath salts and feminist films.”

“But there’s also been the more obscure – such as vibrators, voodoo dolls and vodka.”

“We’re busy taking suggestions for the Break-Up Basket at the moment,” says Elliott. “But who knows, perhaps the Revenge Range of hampers is next.”

PoorlyPuppy.com is currently seeking advice from women on what songs should be on a compilation CD for broken-hearted babes.

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