heineken-the-candidateWatch this sponsored video featuring lucky intern Guy Luchting , showing to all of us how to display, passion and wit under pressure.

Over 1700 applicants were interviewed for a job with Heineken’s event and sponsorship department.

Guy Luchting, now has secured a placement based at HEINEKEN HQ, Amsterdam and his job includes accompanying the UEFA Champion’s League Trophy as it makes it way around the world, prior to arriving at Wembley for the Final on May 25th.

Guy says , “I didn’t know what was happening at the job interview. First they take my hand and I think ‘Hey, that’s friendly’, and then suddenly, the interviewer falls on the floor, and the next thing I am outside the building hearing the fire alarm!

It was all quite crazy and unexpected. Having been selected, I am extremely excited to start this job and experience the UEFA Champions League”

The position was advertised on Monster.com, which offers students many opportunities and operates sites in 23 countries around the world.

Students find internships by selecting a keyword (job titles, required skills, company names), category, and location or they can do an Advanced Search that allows them to include job type, job status, green careers, along with the ability to enter up to 20 different states, categories, and/or industries.

When seeking to find an internship in a specific career field or location, try keeping your search broad at first. If too many results pop up, then narrow your search to find a more manageable number of internships in the industry or location you choose.
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