Let’s forget about the excitment and tears of the Olympics, we know, girls and boys wanna have fun… so if you are dreaming of going to a paradise Island in the Caribbean and have the party of your life (for free), check out this sponsored video:
The nice people at Linx Effect is giving you the chance to make your dream come true and win a pair of tickets to Chaos Island party, just go to their Facebook page, and be part of the adventurous treasure hunt.Look out for clues from sexy British surfer Sophie Hellyer so you can #chasethechaos to win the tickets and…good luck!
In case you are one of the lucky winners, here some suggestions on what to pack:
Luggage and bags: A roll aboard will do.

Clothing/Shoes: Tee shirts, shorts, short sleeved linen shirts and shorts for clothing. Sandals and flips for walking about.

Toiletries: Shampoo, shaving cream, razor, body wash, deodorant, hair gel, contact lenses, lens solution and lotion, bandaids, bug repellant, in case you get mosquito bites, etc.

Photo Equipment: Digital camera and memory card reader, video camera and plenty of batteries!

And finally…Sunscreen! Sunscreen! Sunscreen! Don’t want to burn on the first day on Paradise Island…
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