Sponsored Video: Justin O’Shea – This is #MyLondonA new Lonely Planet tourist guide has described London in grim terms, infested with ‘yobbos’ in cars and ‘dirty, flying-rat’ pigeons. Well…many people don’t agree.

What do you love about London?

“London was always the pinnacle of where I wanted to go. It gave me a personality, a direction, a future. London freed me to do the things I wanted to do.” Justin

“Maybe it’s because you can carry your designer handbag, morning Starbucks, copy of ‘The Metro’, umbrella and work files, all whilst listening to your iPod and emailing on your Blackberry, and still stride confidently along the station platform in your four-inch work stilettos.” Suzie

“Each determined step through London beckons you further into its decadent web of history, art, culture and geography until you find yourself willingly entangled and stood waiting on the Tube that leads you onto your next magical destination once more. Addicted.” Lesley-Jane

“In London you’re always only a few minutes away from something big, be it historically, personally or just literally.” Jack

“London is where you can eat your way around the world without having to buy the airline ticket.” Anairda La Tana

“Born in London, live in London, work in London, play in London, love the buzz and all the things I can do, see, hear, taste… you get me?” Helen
This is #MyLondon
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