Heineken odyssey limbo in actionYou may ask yourself…”What one man, with “unique skills”, can do to prove to be a legend? Maybe using his wit, charm and skills to impress his fellow passengers aboard a cruise ship?…But that can’t be one man, can it?

From limbo contest, to diving perfectly into a swimming pool, to dancing the perfect conga…Check out ‘The Odyssey’, the clever and very entertaining sponsored video by Heineken, celebrating the premise that every man is legendary at something….

The video features 20 non-actors, who were cast in an open casting, where their legendary skills were put to the test. The final 20 were picked for being masters at the skills needed for the video, for example diving, conga dancing and sliding down banisters.

Sandrine Huijgen, Global Communications Director HEINEKEN, commented, “Our Legends campaign is an entertaining homage to our drinkers and their legendary behaviours. We are convinced that many of our drinkers out there have at least one legendary talent. They just need a chance to show it to the world. This is why we decided to offer our next film, The Odyssey, as an opportunity for 20 young men to show us what they’ve got. And they are all legendary.”Heineken odyssey2In other news…Here’s Heineken PR responding to viewers’ doubts about the authenticity of the video, after YouTube commenters publicly questioned the authenticity of the individual talents in “The Odyssey”…

Heineken odyssey1The song in the video is “16 Toneladas” is composed by Merle Travis and performed by Noriel Vilela.

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