IggyPop_flash_collection1“The godfather of punk rock”, actor and fashion rebel Iggy Pop designed exclusive items for the Sailor Jerry Clothing line ‘The Flash Collection by Iggy Pop’. Iggy designed 3 items for the collection: a premium denim vest, a hand-tooled leather belt with brass buckle and embroidered Sailor Jerry flash patches.

The flash (the old-school term for tattoo designs preserved on paper) legacy of Norman ‘Sailor Jerry’ Collins (father of the old-school Americana tattoo), is a superb landscape of skulls, pin-ups, spirit animals, knives, brass knuckles, timeless ships and unshakeable anchors.

The Collection’s standout piece is a blue-black 50’s style denim vest emblazoned with an iconic Sailor Jerry anchor along with the phrase “Death Shall Triumph,” (an expression found in several Sailor Jerry flash designs). IggyPop_flash_collection2With ‘The Flash Collection’ Iggy Pop wanted to bring to life ‘Sailor Jerry’ awesome Flash Art in a clothing range. In Iggy Pop own words…“If I have to die here, first i’m gonna make some noise.”IggyPop_flash_collection3This is Iggy’s first time designing a clothing collection and what was really interesting for him was digging through all of Norman ‘Sailor Jerry’ Collins’ work and learning that they had much in common, from their mutual love of art and Hawaii in the 70’s through to hosting their own radio shows.

Iggy chose the Sailor Jerry phrase “Death Shall Triumph” as a theme in the collection because his own lifelong motto, “Death Is Certain,” has always helped him to make the most of his life. Only 50 vests will be made, each one hand-signed by Iggy Pop and include a sewn-in label noting which number each vest is among the limited run of 50.

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