There are different types Swordplay and love games…But for now we will focus on this action-packed video featuring a hotly dangerous & playful Swordplay between a woman and a man…attempting to undress each other with a sharp sword.

One advice…Always be ‪#‎ReadyToDuel and most of all, always wear matching underwear, just incase a sexy stranger tries to cut your clothes off with a sword, like in this steamy video released by the good people at (Wilkinson Sword’s) Crossed Swords Style Society. It’s a classic love story with a little bit of foreplay and lots of action…Foreplay meets Swordplay.

And its not all…To make you look sharp under your threads, Wilkinson’s Sword teamed up with Agent Provocateur and Sunspel. You can win £250 worth of Agent Provocateur (ladies) or Sunspel (gents) underwear and a host of WS goodies, to keep you nicely groomed below the neckline. Swordplay2_CollageAll you have to do is tag the person you’d be duelling with below on Wilkinson Sword’s Facebook page

And…If you are really interested in Swordplay and with a growing revival of Europe’s martial heritage you can check The British Federation for Historical Swordplay, which is made up of individual societies researching original fencing treatises that can be traced as far back as the late 13th century.

With access to over 700 years of historical documents written by long-dead fencing masters, modern practitioners find, interpret, teach and revive techniques and philosophies from Europe’s martial past.


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