Fame recommend you take the Quotemehappy.com Driving Personality Challenge. Even though we hate to admit it we cool, calm and collected people at Fame headquarters do find ourselves getting increasingly frustrated when we are driving about town.
We known we are not the only ones and yet until now, no one has let us see just how badly this feeling of pent up anger is affecting our individual lives.

Which is why online insurance company Quotemehappy.com grabbed our attention recently. This is a site that takes the customer as their main area of interest and base’s everything around them and the excellent service they receive.

That in itself an interesting tactic in an industry that often baffles us, but we all need in this day and age.

One wonderful aspect (and one we can’t stop talking about) was when we found the new campaign on the company’s Facebook page, offering an online ‘Driving Personality Test’.This humorous video, associated material, questions and interesting facts really made us think about our attitude towards driving and to fellow road users/pedestrians.

There is something on offer here for us all to relate to and we simply had to share it with all of our readers. Whether you think you are a relaxed driver who takes things in their stride or someone who gets frustrated at the mere sign of a tailback or a series of red lights, this is the test for you.

Yes we were a tad shocked by our result and you may be too. You have to wonder why other similar sites have not tried this before as the concept is such a worthy one and will indeed make you think when you next sit behind that driving wheel.

Quotemehappy.com are of course well worth a look when you are researching your insurance renewal and thanks to this new campaign we can all maybe take a bit more time and nice big relaxing breath instead of jumping the gun and becoming another road accident statistic.
You can find the test on Quotemehappy.com’s Facebook profile