ibis-expedition1Adventurer, photographer and filmmaker Aaron Chervenak, slept where no-one has ever dared to sleep before. Why? Well…To demonstrate the absolute comfort guaranteed by Sweet Bed ibisTM.

Is it possible to have a good night’s sleep on the cliff of Mount Roraima (Devil’s Mountain) in the Amazon jungle of Brazil? Check out this breath-taking video, filmed in multi-camera and aerial cameras to find out…

For this exclusive expedition Aaron and his colleague Gareth Jones put together a strong team of professionals: a doctor, Joe Wiesenburger, a producer, Hayley Edmonds, and her assistant Sylla Saint-Guily.ibis-expedition2The result of this challenge is a fantastic interactive web experience which allows visitors to join Chervenak and his bed. All this to proove the Sweet Bed’s ultimate comfort and quality of sleep…even in the most hostile and inaccessible places on the planet!

Expedition Leader:
In 2012, whilst desperately trying to fall asleep in a hostile environment, Aaron suddenly had a revelation – there are places in the world where getting a good night’s sleep is virtually impossible. From that day on, our adventurer had one sole goal in life – go down in history by successfully undertaking the Ultimate Sleep.ibis-expedition4The bed:
With an ultra-flexible slatted base, a high-tech mattress suitable for all body shapes and sizes, a super-soft duvet and state-of-the-art pillows, black designer fabric covering the base and a 3D honeycomb textile covering the mattress for maximum ventilation and optimum hygiene, the Sweet Bed must surely be the only bed in the whole world capable of giving you a perfect night’s sleep no matter what.ibis-expedition3It took 60 engineers and 3,000 hours’ work to design and manufacture the Sweet Bed by IbisTM, making it a true record-breaker.

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