PLANT'S VS ZOMBIES1EA’s latest game ‘Plants Vs Zombies Garden Warfare’ (available on the Xbox One), includes elements of the smartphone game’s Tower Defense gameplay and digs into the trenches with an explosive new Co-op and Multiplayer action experience.

With charming aesthetics and refreshing humor, this insane and wonderful world of plants killing zombies across a mine-blowing world, makes players of any skill levels feel welcome…

From some of the wacky levels complete with pirate ships, trailer parks and busy cities, giving the game terrific style and detail for the players’ enjoyment and the sound effects are really impressive, from the ‘pew pew’ of guns or the ‘crack’ of a head shot really adding to the chaotic war zone…PLANT'S VS ZOMBIES2The heart of the game is in its competitive side, where you will take the side of the nominal plants or zombies, choosing from four classes. The plants have the Sunflower, Peashooter, the Cactus and the venus-plant Chomper.

The developers Popcap clearly had fun making this charming game…PLANT'S VS ZOMBIES35 Things You Will Like About ‘Plants Vs Zombies Garden Warfare’:

1 Great amount of details in both the plants and zombies, great maps, amazing graphics.

2 It’s colorful, it’s silly, and it’s a playful cartoonish animation style experience.

3 There are a few different multiplayer modes.

4 This game is very addictive.

5 The iconic soundtrack by Peter McConnell, will make humming along with the game’s tunes.

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