10353701_10152178903191507_5194715369413753462_nJust imagine…Its summer, 5 friends, a bold 6 weeks road trip, 100 summer experience, No script, real people…#BestSummerEver…With the help of Malibu (the world’s No.1 coconut flavoured rum), a group of friends (Matt, Andy, Laura, Haley and AJ) are going on a road trip to carry out the items on the definitive list of summer experiences, you created and share it with your friends. Get involved and you can win thousands of amazing prizes including VIP holidays to Ibiza Rocks, concerts at The O2, Vevo and Spotify gigs.

This lucky bunch of friends will be hitting the road in their awesome RV and will explore all the best summer events in Europe and Miami. With a long list of great things to do, from paint parties in Germany to camping in the Alps, rounding things off with the ultimate party at Ibiza Rocks. Maybe we can suggest few more summer experiences to do…Skinny-dipping (illegal in parts of the world) in the Aedipsos in Greece. edipsos-greece1The ancient and healing waters spread throughout the island of Evia . Whether it’s a midnight swim along the coast or a private plunge These healing waters have been known about since ancient times, and legend tells of Hercules bathing in the spa waters after battle to rejuvinate himself. So this is the perfect place to give you a little more virility…

Try stand up comedy for a night…Write around five minutes of original material that you find funny, and that you believe others will find funny too. Find an open mic night at a comedy club. Invite everyone you meet and friend them on facebook. Rehearse. Make sure the audience can hear what you want them to hear when you’re up on stage…Be prepared for hecklers.AcmeComedyClub1Open Mic Night at Acme Comedy Club, in Minneapolis’s North Loop neighborhood, on 1st Street and 8th Avenue North.

Or you can go camping without a tent in the Alps…Or maybe you can milk a cow, catch a fish with bare hands, or merely walk around for hours without a destination and find out where you end up…Have fun you guys :)

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