01BAND SPIRITWO by Frankie EdenSpiritwo – Yael Claire Shahmoon [vocals], Charlie Cawood [guitars], Matt Riley [drums], Michael Otim Okot [bass] – began their journey as the brainchild of visual artist Yael Claire Shahmoon in the clubs of Tell Aviv until they moved to London to bring their blend of experimental alternative rock, electro, Middle Eastern influences, doom metal and theatre to create something real special.

The rather great debut EP ‘Primitive Twinship’ creates a pop infused dance-hall groove in a hard rock/doom metal soundscape with aggressive sex drenched electro, fused with the Middle Eastern influences of Yael Claire’s strong vocals.04BAND SPIRITWO by Frankie EdenSpiritwo’s live shows frequently involve costumes, wigs and blood curdling growls with a phenomenally powerful musical onslaught which is why they are regulars at Ladyfest, Hackney Wicked Festival and whole host of Alternative Arts and Music festivals….


Photos by Frankie Eden