bikiniContinental Style Sweeps The Summer ‘Staycation’. British ‘staycationers’ will put on a brave face and stylish swimwear to recreate Bondi in Blackpool and Cannes in Cleethorpes this summer. Holiday-makers forgoing glamorous foreign destinations for less fashionable British shores can still add a touch of international spice with a few simple adjustments to their beachwear.

According to, a UK-based swimwear manufacturer with customers worldwide, there is a wealth of difference between national beach fashions and customs.

“Our sales figures show there are huge differences in the swimwear choices of different nationalities,” says John Walker, founder of

“Bring Nice to Newquay with a little black bikini and add a touch of Sardinia to Skegness with some brightly coloured briefs.”

Established in 1976, has grown from a backroom business for mail order men’s underwear into a British manufacturing success story, sending tangas to Tonga and briefs to Brazil, with sales averaging a million a year.


1. RIO CARNIVAL – Brazilian men ensure they are trim down below for their tangas. It’s a look that’s guaranteed to raise tepid British temperatures

2. BAVARIAN LAKES – The preferred choice of swimwear in Germany is none at all. Get back to nature on one of the UK’s nudist beaches or slip into a Kiniki tan-through swimsuit to get the benefits of going buff without baring all

3. FRENCH RIVIERA – Sizzling temperatures are not the only pre-requisite for a scorching summer romance. Slip into a little black number on the beach to add a touch of continental class

4. BAY OF NAPLES – Switch the big, baggy board shorts for something altogether tighter and brighter. Lotharios are never afraid to be bold with their colours

5. AUSTRIAN ALPS – Take the lead of Sacha Baron Cohen and brave ‘The Bruno’, Kiniki’s latest take on the comedian’s eccentric style