South LDN Songwriter ALICE MC Explores Soul, Jazz & Folk on STORYTELLER

Songwriter and performer Alice MC has never been afraid to draw upon different genres and styles in her unique musical journey. The new EP Storyteller showcases the breadth, versatility and undeniable talent of the artist – Flowing through layers of Jazz, sun-drenched soul and indie-folk with aplomb. 

Music seemed like the only path for Alice McCarthy (21), born in London but raised in South-West France by her teacher Father and composer Mother. Fortunate to have a creatively driven family, her first experience performing was at her Grandmother’s funeral, aged 11. 

“It was a deeply profound experience but ultimately had a very positive impact on everyone who was there listening, I knew then that this is what I wanted to do with my life…”

She later found herself enrolling in London’s famous Guildhall music school. While she excelled, she soon realized that formal musical education was not the route for her own artistic pursuit. She involved herself in the growing South London jazz scene and worked on her debut EP. The result is Storyteller, an epic journey with musical talent way beyond her years.