South African House Continues To Impress

The South African house scene continues to boom and the country’s native DIY party scene is thriving off the back of it. As this emerging new culture reaches greater heights and spills to a more mainstream, international audience, DJs Chynaman, Kususa & Argento Dust have teamed up with Black Coffee collaborator/vocalist, Azola to deliver their debut collaborative single, Just Love out now on Jet Black Music. 

It’s a great track, fusing a hypnotic tribal rhythm with swelling atmospherics, allowing Azola’s soulful vocals to glide in-between the bellowing choral synths and percussion.

Independently, the trio have experienced their own individual success across Africa and abroad and despite previous smaller collaborations between the artists, this is the first time that the Durban based trio have joined together on a single track. And hopefully not the last!

Just Love Ft. Azola is out now via Jet Black Music, listen here: