Sorren Maclean’s debut album ‘Winter Stay Autumn’ is an absolute delight to listen to from start to finish. If it’s good old-fashioned folk-americana with a modern twist you want then Sorren is definitely your man. This album is full of guitar picking, violin thrashing, piano playing loveliness.

Introducing track ‘Science of Fiction’ is a great example of the beautiful blending of instruments Sorren and his band seem to so effortlessly manage to create. It feels as though this album has come along just in time for Summer and I can almost taste the white wine as I imagine listening to this record in a daisy-filled field somewhere watching the clouds float past.

We then move onto ‘Rows & Rows of Boxes’ and ‘Aeroplane Leaving’ which, again, are swarming with catchy guitar riffs and beautiful harmonies. These are tracks you could listen to over and over and still discover something new about and enjoy all over again.

‘Watch’ seems to begin with what sounds like a small child in the background before falling back into those heartwarming guitar trills I’m falling more in love with the more I hear them. As the violin and key parts are introduced, they create a more classical vibe while the guitar skips blissfully along underneath. Sorren’s almost echoey vocal in this particular track will also blow your mind.

The slower tracks on the record, ‘Old Pier’, ‘Bootlace Traces’ and ‘Either Way’ feel extremely honest and soothing to the ears. The violin, played by Hannah Fisher, in particular really stands out for me in these tracks as it is undeniably flawless and I could listen to it all day, every day, on repeat.Sorren1The two tracks that really stood out for me were ‘Way Back Home’ and closing/title track ‘Winter Stay Autumn’. ‘Way Back Home’ was the title track of Sorren’s latest EP and its easy to see why; extremely catchy americana vibes with a lush violin solo thrown in for good measure.

However, ‘Winter Stay Autumn’ for me, really is the final icing on the take to a top notch album. As you begin to listen to it, you may be slightly confused as to why I’ve hyped this particular song up so much but its a builder, trust me.

As you near the end of the song, some serious violin action comes into play before the infamous guitar plucking is re-introduced and Sorren really goes to town. This is then repeated by the ever talented fiddle player Fisher bringing in some serious skill – if I haven’t mentioned her already, she’s pretty good.

Its clear to see why this track would be left to close the album; folding the whole album nicely into one last blast of beautifully skilful musicianship from all parties going nuts and absolutely killing it. Bravo Sorren and co!

‘Winter Stay Autumn’ is available via Middle of Nowhere Recordings.


By Frank Bell ©