Sophia Amato’s NY/LON EP seamlessly fuses the Mediterranean heat with the concrete jungle

"I wrote this EP as a love letter to New York in the summer of 2019. Lorca's plays celebrate the anti-protagonist, and in 21st-century Brooklyn, every reason to flock to House of Yes..."
24th November 2023

In the hazy heat of a scorching New York summer, emerging singer-songwriter Sophia Amato returns with her sophomore EP, NY/LON, a captivating 6-track collection that delves into the intricacies of her personal experiences. Spearheaded by the single ISAIAH, Amato weaves a narrative that seamlessly fuses the Mediterranean heat with the concrete jungle, capturing the vibrant and diverse culture of the city.

Supported by a 16mm shot music video, ISAIAH captures, with refined simplicity, the vocal beauty and authenticity of Sophia Amato. Each track unfolds like a chapter in a cinematic narrative, revealing the depth and complexity of Amato’s musical expression.

Drawing inspiration from Federico García Lorca’s seminal play, Blood Wedding, Amato skillfully intertwines the sun-kissed landscapes of Sicily with the resilient pulse of New York City. Lorca’s celebration of free-spirited characters bound by codes of existence and profound love becomes the foundational ethos that underpins the thematic essence of NY/LON.

Amato reflects on her creative journey, sharing, “I wrote this EP as a love letter to New York in the summer of 2019. Lorca’s plays celebrate the anti-protagonist, and in 21st-century Brooklyn, every reason to flock to House of Yes for an unpredictable, outrageous night out to confirm why. Which, by the way, always concludes perfectly by the taco van.” Expanding on her story, Amato provides further insight into the importance of NY/LON, expressing: “That summer I kept extending my flight. Not quite ready to return to London. Sitting by the air con in apartment L63, lethargic and beautifully strung out from city nights, I felt most alive and curious. Unsure where to call home, I wrote ‘NY/LON’ as my metaphysical utopia, suspended somewhere between the two cities.”

The EP kicks off with ICONS, a composition adorned with anthemic horns and synths, drawing inspiration from the imposing presence of New York City’s towering structures.

SUNBURN, a contemplative piece, explores the dynamic between Sophia Amato and New York. Its lyrics articulate a yearning for love and acceptance from the city, interwoven with reflections on a prior romantic entanglement. The eponymous track, NY/LON, draws inspiration from Amato’s experiences during nocturnal flights between the two cities, creating a musical utopia that encapsulates the essence of these dynamic metropolises.

RUN ON WATER, a totally acapella track, invites listeners on a transformative journey, exploring themes of resilience, personal evolution, and the capacity to surmount challenges. CASINO navigates a spectrum of motifs, encompassing the exhilaration of having someone in your life who brings you good luck. The project culminates with its centrepiece, ISAIAH, a composition that masterfully amalgamates personal experiences, reflections on life, and intricate emotions when accepting goodbyes.

With a foundation in theatre arts, Sophia Amato brings a cinematic quality to her music, creating a unique and immersive experience for her audience. Her journey from the world of theatre to becoming a singer/songwriter, signed to Jinsing, and having her releases cared for by Virgin Music, is a testament to her relentless pursuit of creative excellence.

As the NY/LON EP solidifies its presence in the music scene Sophia Amato extends a warm invitation for her audience to immerse themselves in a realm where imagination transcends limits, and the lines between reality and dreams seamlessly dissolve into a captivating soundscape.

Photos by Jolene Henry

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