Sophia Amato shares sonic utopias with ‘NY/LON’

"NY/LON represents the space between the two cities where her imagination and creativity run wild"
5 November 2023

After the impactful launch of her recent single, ICONS, Sophia Amato​, the versatile singer-songwriter and creative powerhouse has established herself as a creative powerhouse.​ Amato effortlessly navigates the nuances of two iconic cities, New York and London, setting the stage for her upcoming EP with ease.

Amato’s artistic expression is a distinct blend of influences, and her creative diversification is exemplified in NY/LON. Inspired by her nocturnal experiences aboard flights between the bustling metropolises, she has crafted a musical utopia encapsulating the essence of these vibrant cities.

NY/LON provides a widescreen experience, immersing listeners in a world of euphoria and magic. Drawing influence from artists like Björk and the mythical tales of Jason and the Argonauts, Amato’s composition is both dramatic and romantic, adorned with just the right touch of eccentricity.

What distinguishes NY/LON is Amato’s masterful incorporation of orchestral elements, drawing inspiration from the grandeur of 60s and 70s Hollywood films. Harps, flutes, strings, and an uplifting chorus form a rich and melodic backdrop, allowing Amato’s show-stopping vocals to claim the spotlight. This harmonious blend evokes a mesmerizing tapestry of emotions and experiences, meticulously woven into a euphoric musical odyssey.

In Amato’s own words, “NY/LON represents the space between the two cities where her imagination and creativity run wild”. It works as a journey, an ethereal dreamscape that captures the essence of two iconic urban landscapes, condensing them into a sonic dream.

Rooted in theatre arts, Amato infuses a theatrical and cinematic quality into her music, creating a unique and immersive experience for her audience. Her transition from the world of theatre to a signed singer/songwriter with Jinsing and releases cared for by Virgin Music underscores her relentless pursuit of creative excellence.

Guided by the sounds of NY/LON and the anticipation of forthcoming music, Sophia Amato persistently stretches the limits of music, art, and cinematic experiences. She beckons her audience into a realm unbounded by imagination, where the boundaries between reality and dreams meld into a captivating soundscape.